Perfectly Prepped

Perfectly Prepped is a weekly meal service that produces delicious, all natural, nutrient-dense foods from the Eastern Ontario country side.

Whether as a full menu plan (local food basket) or as supplements to your home-cooking (individual items), my diverse menu will ensure that you’re getting the healthiest, highest quality, local food.  Perfectly Prepped is the answer for the local foodie newbie, the time challenged, or for those simply looking to make a healthy lifestyle change.

The Perfectly Prepped Local Food Basket is my ultimate in meal prep & savings. When clients buy in larger quantities I am able to pass on a more significant savings.

People who purchase from Perfectly Prepped are supporting local farms, the local economy, and sending a message to big business that your money and choices make a difference.

How it works:

Getting healthy, real food couldn’t be easier!

  •  Just contact me to receive our weekly menu email. There is no obligation to order.
  • Menus are sent out on Sunday evenings. Our menu changes on a weekly basis. Order as much or as little to best fit your needs (the basket is the best value, which includes the whole menu and more, as I can buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you). You can pre-order any items via email for pick up at the following Farmer’s Markets:

★ Saturday Kingston Public Market (9AM – 2PM)

  • You will receive an email confirming your order. Orders placed by noon on Wednesday will be guaranteed for pick up on Saturday.

My hope is to develop a way for local foods to be affordable and accessible to all.

**I proudly promote real cream, free-range eggs, sustainably-produced veggies, seasonal fruits, pastured meats, & fermented foods…and try to include a wide variety of the these throughout the season. My meals are based around seasonal ingredients, traditional cooking methods, and natural preservation.


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