The following are the demos and classes that I currently offer but feel free to ask if you have a specific request for yourself, business or group.  If I don’t do it I can most likely direct you to someone who can.  I teach classes at several locations in the Kingston, Ontario area but also teach individuals, groups, and businesses on location. Most classes are held in people homes where they can get the most benefit and hands on experience.  Just let me know what class you would like and we will book a date!

Making Fresh Cheeses – 2.5 hour class

This class is a great introduction to a time-honored food craft–and one that provides instantly enjoyable results you will be proud to serve and share. Home-crafted cheese is simple to make and requires no specialized equipment.  The focus of this class is on low-stress processes that are sure to give any novice confidence! (this class uses cheese kits from Erthah Collective)

Making Natural Soda with Water Kefir – 1.5 hour class

If you would like to help your family get away from sugary sodas! Water kefir is the answer! This is a delicious, dairy-free beverage that is rich with beneficial probiotics to aid a healthy digestive system. It is quick and easy to brew and offers unlimited flavoring opportunities. (water kefir grains can be purchased through Erthah Collective)

Sweet Smarts, Baking with Alternative Sweeteners – 2.5 hour class

Your great great grandmother probably ate about 5 lbs of sugar per year, you’re likely to eat that much in just two weeks (if you eat a typical S.A.D. diet). Natural sweeteners are better than industrial sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup or white sugar. Natural sweeteners contain minerals and some, like raw, unfiltered honey, have anti-bacterial and other beneficial properties. That being said, sweetener is sweetener and a high consumption can be detrimental to our health. This class will help you learn more about the natural sweeteners on the market, so you know what to choose and how to use it!

Perfectly Pickled with Lacto-Fermentation – 2 hr class

Lacto-fermentation is the traditional method of food preservation done without freezers or canning machines. In this process, sea salt and/or whey inhibits the growth of putrefying bacteria until enough lactic acid is produced to preserve the vegetables for many months. But, the lactobaccili which produce the lactic acid to preserve the vegetables do much more! They enhance the digestibility of the vegetables, increase vitamin levels, produce enzymes, offer antibiotic and anticarcinogenic substances, and support the growth of healthy flora in our intestines. And they taste great, too! I’ll demonstrate making sauerkraut and ginger carrots, to give you the confidence to do it yourself.







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