One door closes….

Another chapter of my retail initiative has come to a close. Unfortunately, the landlord of 730 Front Road has declined my request for a non-competition clause in my lease. This is a very standard practice when leasing retail space, as it prevents another business from doing the same thing in such close proximity. Instead of leasing to me, the owners of the property would like to keep their options open for a larger chain or well established business.  Yep, so much for the local support!

To all of you who have shown great interest in traditional food classes, all is not lost! I have decided to take this set-back as a sign to move forward with my original plan – direct sales! This means by fall you will be able to host classes right in your own kitchen! Think “Pampered Chef” but with awesome classes instead of “parties”.  A different angle but one that may benefit many more people, by providing a larger resource for employment and accessibility.

Maybe the saying should be “one door closes and two open”, as I had another amazing opportunity present itself just as I officially turned down this lease.  Helping a family learn new ways of looking at food, so those with allergies and restrictions can be included at family meals, is why I became a personal chef and why I am grateful to be able to accept this challenge just when I thought I could not!

I truly believe everything happens for a reason and today just presented more proof.








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