A new love affair….

A new love affair with, Olives? When it comes to olives there is a very definitive line between the lovers and the haters. I have always found myself on the latter side of the line. I do however admit, I was not very adventurous when it came to tasting foods made with olives.  I always made an effort to avoid tapenades and I would never touch a pizza with olives as a topping. I was very discriminating and really can’t remember what sparked such hatred for olives in the first place.

A few weeks ago, as I set up for the market, I noticed my neighboring vendor was selling Tapenades.  After listening to several people skeptically try the samples, then walk away with not only one but several different flavours, my interest was piqued.  I tentatively ventured over and was immediately asked if I liked olives. Hmmm, dilemma? My answer, not really. So, I was then instructed by the vendor to try the tapas (olive free) first and see what I liked.  GREAT suggestion, I was hooked.  LOVING the first tapa, Peperonata, I tried several more tapas and loved them all.  Now, I slowly ventured to the other side of the booth, not wanting to hurt the vendors feelings, I took a very tentative bite of a tapenade.  My well trained foodie brain was at the ready for a spit-it-out reaction, so it took a moment for me to realize, I LIKED IT!

And so begins this foodies love of olives!

You can find Cook’s Gourmet Tapenades & Tapas at the Kingston Public Market or online at www.cooksgourmet.com. If you are not an olive lover, try it, you might just like it!

I have to say, being paired with Cook’s Gourmet at the Market, is a match made in heaven! When you pop by to get a cheese kit or sourdough starter, don’t forget to stop and get some tapenade too! Fresh made cheese + sourdough & tapenade, yum yum!


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