A diet to regroup, rejuvenate, and rejoice!

At least twice a year I need a way to restart my eating habits.  Sometimes a couple days of green smoothies is all I need to get rid of the blaws and continue on my way.  At other times I need a bit more to help fuel my energy levels, detox my liver and other organs, and bring back the glow in my skin. I can always tell I need a cleanse/diet when my skin starts looking dull and tired!

A word about the word ‘diet’. When you read the word diet on my blog I am not usually referring to the fad, loose weight quick, and gain it all back type of diet.  I like to think of the word ‘diet’ as what I’m eating right now, today, and if I’m lucky the next couple of days.  The one exception being this post! Today I write about the one fad “diet” that I find just the right mix of fruits and veggies to keep me moving forward, yet enough strictness to make me pause and rethink. This “diet” is known at the Sacred Heart Diet (or soup based diet). I believe it has a few other names but this is the one I know.

You are probably wondering by now what this has to do with my blog, well, I thought instead of just doing the “diet” I would blog about it as well.  I don’t usually blog about my cleanses as I tend to not be as tech heavy during a cleanse.  This time however, I would like to give the foodie/personal chef point of view on this diet.  Because I think everyone needs to have a starting point and this might be the answer for some of you out there in cyber land.

Instead of rambling here any longer I will write seperate posts for each day, maybe even a post of each “meal”. That may be a littel too ambitious but lets see what happens……

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