Green Smoothies – A sure sign of Spring!

A craving for green smoothies can only mean one thing, it’s spring!  For several years now I have kicked off the local veggie season with what I call a Green Smoothie Detox.  You can find tons of information, programs, and challenges online that revolve around the Green Smoothie.

My personal experience started when I was looking to go on a Raw Foods Diet.  I wanted to banish old habits and start new, the solution was a Green Smoothie Challenge. I researched many programs and decided to take the 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox Program through the Raw Diva’s. This program is still available through Terra Warner, one of the founders of Raw Diva’s.  As I was researching different Green Smoothies for this post I also found that Terra is now offering a FREE 3-Day Green Smoothie Challenge. This challenge would be a great introduction to the world of Green Smoothies and a nice refresher for those wanting new inspiration.

Here are several great Green Smoothie Recipes I found to get you started:

If you are not greened out yet, check back over the next couple of weeks, as I will posting more recipes throughout my own Green Smoothie Detox.


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