Perfectly Prepped Pricing….


To keep things simple there are two options available for this season:

  1. Full Basket Share  ($125 per week) – This basket is based around the food requirements for an average family of 4, where the kids are old enough to eat everything on the menu.
  2. Half Basket Share ($75 per week) – This basket is based on the food requirements for the average adult couple and would be suitable for families with small children just starting solid foods.

**a half share is also a great way for anyone to try the Perfectly Prepped Food Basket and be able to prepare other meals too! This could be a perfect balance for those wanting just a little change!

Both baskets will include:

  • 80% – 90% local foods (during peak growing season). The basket will always maintain a minimum of 70% local.
  • monthly shares of pantry basics (organic cane sugar, spelt flour, sea salt, etc.)
  • a monthly bonus item and instructions on how to prepare/use (example, water kefir grains for making natural sodas)
  • local meat – pre-portioned and marinating if required. Meat will therefore only need to be cooked.
  • local dairy and eggs
  • some prepared food – when beneficial to the members I will pre-make some items. Examples – cookies, muffins, soup, and some types of salads. Salad dressings, dips, and sauces will always come prepared.
  • bread will be included when needed for recipes. You may also request weekly bread items to be included at an additional fee. A list of bread items will be provided with your Perfectly Prepared Local Food Basket application.


Should you have any questions please send an email to or call 613.985.6194


The above prices are based on a minimumof 10 shares being purchased.  Should this number increase/decrease the pricing may change.


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